Land Rover and Magnum Photographer Work Together for Unbelievable Snapshots

Land Rover has worked closely with world-renowned brands throughout the years, and one of them is the Magnum Photos agency and acclaimed photographer Michael Christopher Brown. Together they captured some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Pacific Northwest region of the country using unique vantage points and the Range Rover. The photos reveal the diversity of backdrops in Portland and Seattle, from beautiful mountains to countless inlets and islands along the coast.

Since it hit the pavement nearly 50 years ago, Range Rover has sold more than one million global units. The original Classic model came on the scene in 1970, and now the Range Rover is in its fourth generation.

From behind the wheel, photographer Michael Christopher Brown discovered the urban and more remote regions of the Northwest. Using the luxury SUV's off-roading capabilities, Brown drove through snow at the peak of volcanoes, sand dunes to get to coastal vantage points and traversed rocky hillsides for access to unbelievable vistas.


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