The Importance of a Vehicle’s Fluid Levels

Regularly checking the fluids in a vehicle is imperative for keeping the vehicle operating at top performance. When the correct levels do not get maintained, the result can be costly repairs. There are five fluids all vehicle owners should have checked at our automotive service center here at Land Rover Birmingham.

The engine oil should generally be checked monthly, although this depends on numerous factors. When a vehicle is using a lot of oil it should be taken to a professional technician at the dealership. The gears in a vehicle will not operate smoothly without transmission fluid, and the level should not be allowed to become low. Antifreeze keeps the vehicle cool, and if the level drops too low, the car may overheat. Brake fluid is critical to the vehicle's brakes operating well. Steering is kept smooth with power steering fluid. Windshield washer fluid allows the driver to clear dirt and debris for a clear view.

Keeping these five fluid levels checked and properly filled, assures the vehicle will operate more smoothly and efficiently.

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