Land Rover Offers High-End Alternatives to Leather Upholstery

Leather has long been considered a premier luxury item for many cars on the market -- but attitudes are starting to change. For varying reasons, many drivers are now leaning toward more sustainable and animal-friendly upholstery.

As a response, manufacturers are starting to offer unique alternatives to leather. Replica leather and vinyl trims remain as popular as ever, but auto makers are starting to branch out into new opportunities.

Take Land Rover, for example. The luxury SUV producer now offers upholstery options that stand out among the pack: a cloth made of wool from New Zealand or Australia and a suede substitute made from recycled plastic bottles. Both offer the soft-touch experience of premium trim, while avoiding animal-sourced substances.

To learn more about these leather alternatives, call Land Rover Birmingham. We'll explain pricing and which models are available with these upholstery packages.

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