Horsepower: The Performance Measurement of Your Car

We at Land Rover Birmingham care very much about your education on cars. Today we are here to inform you on how to determine how good your car is through the use of the term Horsepower.

Horsepower is defined as the amount of work an engine could produce in one minute. If your engine can produce one horsepower, it means it can produce 33,000 lbs of work in one minute. If your car weighs 3,300 lbs and has 1 horsepower, it can move 10 feet in one minute or 0.113636364 miles an hour. An engine with more horsepower has the capacity of making your car either accelerate faster, have a higher top speed or a mixture of both. This is possible through the combination of the gears in your car. Hence is why most cars have six gears.

Hopefully, this is helpful to you, and you will buy a new Land Rover with the highest amount of horsepower that you can comfortably afford.

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