When you’re buying a luxury SUV such as the Land Rover Range Rover Velar, you expect a certain level of comfort and performance to complete your experience. However, the Range Rover Velar does a whole lot more than provide you with a high-level driving experience. You also get a bevy of advanced driver assistance technologies that help you stay out of trouble and protect you from hazards as you drive. Find the Range Rover Velar in our new inventory at Land Rover Birmingham and get your hands on this high-tech Land Rover model.

We’ve all been in a situation where you’re looking in the mirror, trying to figure out which lane you should be in on the navigation display, or talking to someone in the back seat when suddenly traffic in front of you grinds to a halt out of nowhere. While oftentimes our reactions and instincts can protect us from accidents in these situations, sometimes it feels as though there is truly nothing you can do. The Range Rover Velar solves that issue with a forward collision alert system that is built to detect when traffic ahead of you has suddenly stopped. You’ll get an audible chime to attract your attention so you can take the appropriate action, but there is another feature that can do even more to help.

Automatic emergency braking works with the forward collision alert system to help slow or stop you if you fail to react to the initial warning quickly enough. While not always capable of preventing the accident entirely, it can drastically reduce your speed to help lessen the impact, and it can even detect pedestrians for a further assist on busy city streets.

The lane keep assist detects road markings to ensure you’re not wandering into adjacent lanes while on the highway. Whether you’re distracted or just inconsistent with your inputs, this system will provide gentle steering assistance to keep you centered in your lane and avoid potential collisions. When you want to make a legitimate lane change, simply flick the directional and the system deactivates to allow you to cross lane lines without interference.

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