In the past, making a vehicle that could handle a wide variety of tasks meant compromising in certain areas that could hinder the overall performance. With the 2023 Land Rover Defender and Terrain Response® 2 system, you’ll get a vehicle that can handle everything with a series of dynamic changes that tailor handling and engine response to the terrain in front of you. Get to know the Terrain Response®2 system found in the 2023 Land Rover Defender and all our new Land Rover models near Birmingham today!

Drive Modes

There are six total drive mode options available in the new Land Rover Defender, including and Auto mode that changes parameters on the fly for ideal drivability even as conditions change.

You’ll also have five unique settings tailored for specific environments, and these are:

  • Rock Crawl
  • Grass, Gravel & Snow
  • Mud & Ruts
  • Sand
  • General Driving

Each of these drive modes tailors power delivery, transmission settings, steering feel, ride height, and damping to provide optimum traction and clearance across a variety of surfaces. General driving is your day-to-day driving mode, while the other drive modes are meant to help with your off-road adventures and inclement weather conditions. Whether you’re driving through a sudden downpour, you encounter snow on a drive up north, or you’re heading down a muddy trail after a spring rain, the Terrain Response® 2 system in your 2023 Land Rover Defender can give you added confidence behind the wheel.

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